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Let's get you going.

Make this the year that you start your business!

Move from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur this year.

According to Inc., women start 849 new businesses every single DAY. Yes, you read that right, every day. These woman are the new wave of entrepreneurs who are taking the leap into being their own bosses. I support new female entrepreneurs by teaching small business classes.

Find out more about my signature program and join the revolution of women who are moving from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur every single day.

Help is just a phone call away!

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results that you’ve always gotten.

You’ve been reading books and blog posts, enrolling in courses, desperately looking for that magic bullet to revive your business – it seems like you’re just making everything worse because there are so many answers, but you’re not even sure of the question!

From one person businesses to mid-sized business, I provide small business consulting service in a number of areas that can help you grow.

Learn more about how I can help your business grow and succeed.


Conferences, Events and Workshops

Having the right speaker means everything!!

Having the right speaker for the right audience can mean the difference between your event going off without a hitch or it falling flat like a dud.  My straight-forward, factual and transparent speaking style makes learning what your audience needs to know enlightening, entertaining, and easy to understand.

Learn more about hiring me to speak to your group.

Radio Appearance
From podcast guest to social media chats, live streams, news segments and quotes for print media, I have appeared across multiple platforms as a media source. U.S. News named me as one of the top 11 female personal finance influencers to follow on social media.

Let’s discuss what you need for your story or segment and how I can support your project.

My media page is just a click away!

My easy to use classes are packing with information that you can use TODAY to help you AND your business succeed.
Hustle Crew
Facebook Group
Founder of the 8,000+ community group focused on small business, entrepreneurship and side hustles.
Colorful Money Magazine
Financial news for us by us.
An online financial magazine featuring news from and by the Elevate Community curated by Sandy.
Elevate Community
Everyone grows together
Founder of a group of financial industry professional of color who are dedicated to improving the lives of the community.
Say Yes Learning
Get your business going.
The learning academy has taught hundreds of students the skills needed to start their new business ventures.
Elevate Workshops
Learn and grow
Creator of aseries of financial conferences and workshops held across the country annually.
Yes, I Am Cheap
Personal finance website
Founded in 2009, the yesiamcheap.com website is a part of Sandy’s brand which serves the mission of helping everyone live their best financial lives.
What clients say
Select feedback from recent clients
where you've seen me
I'm all over the internet giving financial advice.
Small Business Incubator
My signature program for new entrepreneurs
Business Structures
Sole proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp? Clueless? We begin here.
Special Business Certifications
8(a), ED, WOSB, VOSB, MBE, etc.
How to Build Your Website
Every business needs one.
Business Finance 101
Know your balance sheets from your cash flow.
How to Outsource
‘Cause you can’t do everything yourself.
Internet Marking
It’s cost effective AND you can tweak easily.